Kanazawa is the town where Japanese tradition and new culture fuse.
Why don’t you make a trip to experience Japanese history
and fully enjoy gourmet food in Kanazawa?

A pure Japanese-style capsule hotel opened in a location very close to Omicho Ichiba,
which is Kanazawa’s kitchen The inside of the building is a space for relaxation based on Japanese style.
The floor is covered with tatami mats, and you can relish the texture with your bare feet.
For female guests, our hotel has a women’s only floor for peace of mind.
You can use the clean, relaxing space reasonably and fully enjoy sightseeing in Kanazawa.

Guest Rooms

Capsule A

Orthodox standard type
Bed Size D207㎝ W105㎝

For men (Number of capsules: 78)



For women (Number of capsules: 14)


Capsule B

Capsule with TV
Bed Size D207㎝ W105㎝

For men (Number of capsules: 24)



For women (Number of capsules: 4)


Facility Guide


Pajamas, towels, foot mats, amenities, etc., are available.
Please change to room wear in the facility and relax.

Shower Booth

For men: 8 / For women: 4
Equipped with shampoo, conditioner, etc.
A seat is available in the booth.

Washing Section

Equipped with hair dryer, hair dressing, face wash, etc.

Coin Operated Laundry (Pay)

For men: 2 / For women: 1
Full automatic from washing to drying.

Outline of the Facility

Number of Capsules 120
Capacity 120 persons
Check-In 4 p.m. 
It will be locked front door from 0 a.m. to 5 a.m. ,so you can't enter or leave the building.
Check Out By 10 a.m.
Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi is available in the entire building.
Usable Credit Cards VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners Club, and UnionPay
Parking Lot Please use the nearby pay parking lot.
You can park your motorcycle or bicycle.



A 12-minute walk from Kanazawa Station


Fifteen minutes from Kanazawa-higashi IC on Hokuriku Expressway


Forty minutes using Hokuriku Expressway from Komatsu Airport


Get off at Musashigatsuji/Omicho Ichiba bus stop and it is a one-minute walk